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CONNECT2019 is an international event which takes place from 14 – 18 March 2019 in Estonia. CONNECT is a combination of an international conference, creative workshops for young people/young professionals, performances and an intensive programme to get to know each other, and find a partner for an international project. And of course, a lot of fun, good conversations and new friends.

The conference on day one is organised in order to discuss on a high level how we can create together real and lasting changes in the field of art with young people on a regional, national and an European level.

The ultimate goal of CONNECT is to create time and space to find a partner and design your favourite international and interdisciplinary project in the field of arts with young people. Amateo will reward the three most inspiring concepts with a grand of 2.500 euro each.



Young people wanting to work internationally and interdisciplinary, and have relevant experience with one or more artforms themselves

Arts students and students who want to become a teacher in one of the artforms as well as people who have recently finished one of these studies

Organisations focusing on art with children and/or young people

Network organisations and policymakers


Four days to:

See inspiring performances and artforms made/performed by young people

Participate in an inspiring conference with keynote speakers and discussions, share knowledge and have new experiences.

Meet and speak with inspiring colleagues, and young people from all over Europe

Explore the cultural field in Estonia

Get to know each other, find a potential partner and design a small project together and maybe get an Amateo grant of € 2.500,–!



Four days in good company, watching, talking about, talking with, designing projects and making art with young people. Everywhere in Europe it is happening, but each country/region has its own approach. CONNECT wants to be a platform where people can share their experiences, can be curious to each other and hopefully find each other and start international adventures together.

Amateo stimulates new and inspiring cross border and inter-disciplinary art projects. CONNECT gives you an opportunity to find a potential partner and design a small international project together. Amateo will reward the three most inspiring project plans developed after CONNECT with grants of € 2.500,– each!


Participants fee for 3 day CONNECT programme (includes conference) = € 200,–
Young participants fee for 3 day CONNECT programme (young people and young professionals) = € 100,–
Participants fee is based on shared hotel rooms. If you prefer a single room for the whole period, there will be an extra charge of €100,– per person.


Besides a very good and inspiring time, the participation fee covers travelling from Tallinn to Narva on Friday evening and back to Tallinn on Sunday evening, hotel accommodation (based on shared rooms, 3 nights in Narva and 1 night in Tallinn), meals and entrance to the conference, the CONNECT programme, all performances and presentations. 



Deadline: 10 March 2019

















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